With audio-over-IP being adopted into every facet of the professional audio industry, the next generation of audio engineers needs a solid grounding in modern networked audio. Focusrite's audio-over-IP products are based on the industry-standard Dante network technology, making them the perfect choice to build your university, college, or school's audio infrastructure; and with options including mic pres, AES3, MADI, analogue line, ADAT, Pro Tools | HD, PCIe and Thunderbolt audio interfaces, all existing equipment can be incorporated into the IP workflow, extending the return of your existing investment.

Since Dante is based on standard network traffic and hardware – Ethernet cabling/fibre, layer 3 switches – Focusrite's audio-over-IP products can leverage your existing network infrastructure too, meaning cost saving on conventional multicore cabling, patch bays and interconnects as well as the time it takes to install and maintain such cabling. No longer are expensive Digital audio routers needed to give you the flexibility to route audio throughout your facility.

Recording studios, practice rooms, edit suites and computer labs all take up a large amount of space on campus, so it can be frustrating when they are left vacant during the day. By using Focusrite's audio-over-IP solutions, it's easier than ever to utilise multiple rooms simultaneously, even with one musical performance. Students can divide up into smaller groups and gain more contact time with equipment, all recording and mixing the same audio sources. Additionally, there's often a need to quickly expand recording facilities. Traditionally this would require extensive planning and the use of contractors to install audio cabling and associated patch panels. With audio-over-IP, any space with an Ethernet cable or fibre can instantly be added to the audio network, creating new recording possibilities.

Prepare your students

With audio-over-IP being used at an ever-increasing rate in the audio industry, it's more important than ever to get the next generation of audio engineers not just familiar with, but experts in audio-over-IP.

Extensive compatibility

A wide range of different connectivity options are available, including analogue, MADI, AES3, Mac, Windows, Pro Tools | HD and of course other Dante products.

Incorporate new recording spaces

Anywhere with a network connection can become a potential recording space.

Use existing infrastructure

Reduce installation times, cabling complexity and cost by using the existing network infrastructure.

Focusrite Pro Audio in Education Guide
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Focusrite Audio in Education Guide

Find out how your university, college, or school's audio infrastructure can benefit from Focusrite's world leading Audio-over-IP solutions powered by Dante. Read real world testimonials and learn how facilities across the globe are using Focusrite solutions and modern digital audio networking technology. Whether your need is to outfit a small classroom or connect hundreds of channels of audio across multiple classrooms, buildings and campuses, Focusrite has you covered.
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