Frequently Asked Questions

1 . How do I contact you?
Please visit our Contact Us page for our full contact details.

2. How can I contact an author?
We are unable to give out contact details for our authors, but we are happy to pass emails sent to our inbox on to them. Please be aware that we are unable to guarantee a response.

3. I sent a letter to your office for one of your authors, but I have not heard anything back?
We will always forward letters or emails sent to our authors, however, as stated above, we are unable to guarantee a response.

4. Are you taking submissions?
Please visit Contact Us where you’ll find submissions information.

5. I want to use an extract from one of your books.
Please send an email to You will need to include: The title of the book you wish to quote. The total word count of the extracts you wish to use. The territories in which your work will be published. Once we have this information, we can let you know what the fee (if any) will be.

5. How do I order a catalogue?
To view and download PDFs of our catalogues visit our Catalogues page.
If you are a UK trade customer please email to request a print catalogue.

6. I’ve bought a damaged book. How can I get a replacement?
Contact the bookshop you bought it from. They should replace it for you.

7. What is the difference between rights and permissions?
Our permissions department licenses use of our cover art and extracts from books for use in other publications. Our rights department sells the entire content to other publishers, primarily for publication in other territories and other languages. The rights team also deals with film queries, TV and theatre rights.

8. Where can I get permissions information for your books?

9. Where can I get rights information?

10. Where can I view current vacancies?
For a full list of our current vacancies and internships, please visit our Careers page.

11. How can I find a book that is no longer in print?
Our website shows titles currently in print. If you cannot find a book it might mean it’s out of print. In this case, you could try online retailers such as Abebooks and The Book Depository.

12. How can I request a review copy of a particular book?
If you work in the media or higher education and would like to request a review copy please email and let us know where your review will appear.
If you are a bookstagrammer, blogger or influencer, please email with links to your channels.