Managing Others: The Organisational Essentials (Ebook)

Your guide to getting it right

Chartered Management Institute

The experts' guide to the organisational aspects of managing the people you are responsible for, from the highly acclaimed Checklist Series from the Chartered Management Institute.

This book contains checklists compiled by the CMI's experts on the aspects that are most crucial to the processes behind how you get the most from those you have to manage and work with, and how you deal with them when things go wrong. The checklists include:

Planning the recruitment process; Managing staff turnover and retention; Managing part-time employees; Performance management; Using 360 degree feedback; Evaluating training and learning; Talent management; Training needs analysis; Succession planning; Devising a coaching programme; Understanding organisational culture; Employee engagement; Managing creativity; Implementing flexible working hours; Implementing a diversity management programme; Redundancy: managing the survivors; and Enabling work-life balance.

It is all here, from the basics to the more nuanced and difficult to get right, and included among the essential checklists are profiles of leading management thinkers on key topics.

Publication date: 01/07/2013


ISBN: 9781847659743


Imprint: Profile Books

Subject: Business & Management

Chartered Management Institute

Chartered Management Institute

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is the UK's only chartered professional body that exists to promote the highest standards in management and leadership excellence. It sets standards that others follow and its Chartered Management qualification is the hallmark of any professional manager. It has more than 90,000 members. The books in the checklist series are put together as a result of the contributions of its most experienced members.

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